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              We are Independent Democrats

                This is a Government of  the People, for the People, and by the People ... 

                                                        ... As Long As The People TAKE ACTION ... !


    Mid-Terms and The U.S.A.

November 2018 is fast approaching, so we must be alert and awake and go out and vote. Remember to encourage everyone you know to vote. It is our right and our privilege, so let's exercise that right and privilege with enthusiasm. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use our contact us page to send it directly to us. 

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                             Why You Must Vote !

We are the Change!  We will honor the sacrifices of our Fathers, Mothers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Cousins, Friends, and Classmates. We are the Change!  We Prefer Performance over Perception. We understand that is is better "To Be" than "To Seem To Be". Our daily living is our testimony of our own individual citizenship. We are the Change! Our vote matters and our lives matter, because we know this to be true...  "The Future Is On Us ... ALL OF US!"                                        (Continued... CLICK HERE)


            We Can Handle It !

Yes, we are seeing the 'Big Picture' and we have not forgotten that the 2000 year election in the state of Florida.  It was first reported  that  Gore lost  by less than 500 votes. Therefore we are dedicated to using all of the tools and resources at hand to encourage our fellow citizens to vote, regardless of their age or gender. "The 'Beauty of Technology' is in the 'Hands' of the Beholder".  Are you ready to be 'Handling It' to benefit yourself and generations to come?  Although recently we have been exposed to the difficult  and  unpleasant things in politics, we are not going to hide, deny, run, or gloss over our responsibility as voters. No deal has been signed, where we all agree                                                                              to stay at home. 

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                            United, We Will Stand !

The 'Founding Fathers' of our country understood the importance of unity. They worked together to pool their resources, talents, and core values.  By becoming the 'United States of America', they left a living example to us that we are indeed "Stronger Together".  In this current national election climate, we have the 'want to be leaders' of the Republican party that are attacking our core values. Look at one of our USA dollar bills and you we see the wording, "In God We Trust".  One of their surrogates published a book replacing God, with their candidates name.

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                             Those Sad, Sad, Emails ... 

O.K., I hope by now all of us realize that those emails being released are indeed “Stolen An Doctored” … and “Sliced and Diced”. They have zero credibility and are designed to ‘Divide and Conquer’ us. The enemies of the citizens of the USA are real, and we should not be turning on each other and calling each other the vicious names we did when we were little kids or teenagers. PLEASE WAKE UP !

Now please allow me to share some useful information. Posted below is the url that helps you find where to vote, throughout the USA. Let’s continue to keep everyone encouraged to go out and vote. 

Spread the word to any friend, relative, co-worker, etc. that you heard say they were                                                                                  not going to vote.

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                             He's a 'Wannabe Wiseguy'!

Here’s a ‘Great’ idea for a ‘Reality Show’. There is this guy, who is a ‘Wannabe Leader’. He’s a Senior Citizen who loved the movies about ‘Wiseguys’ and ‘Mobsters’ when he was a teenager and a young adult. He sees himself as a real tough man standing in the middle of the street, with his sub-machine gun shooting as he continues to shout out “You Dirty Rats…”. He knows he’s a ‘tough guy’ and as he haunches his shoulder at women he say’s “All 'yous dames are the same'…I know what you want...Come Here!”.        (Continued... CLICK HERE) 

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